Detoxification: How to jump start your weight loss in just 10 days!
by Dr. Bahl

Woman with a Blender Full of Vegetables
Toxins are EVERYWHERE. Each year more than 4 billion pounds of chemicals and pollutants are released into the environment. Toxins threaten not only our environment, but also our health. Every day we are exposed to chemicals that build up in our bodies over time. They affect our health, how we feel, and can cause weight gain! 

Although the human body is naturally equipped to deal with toxins, toxicity happens when the intake of toxins exceeds the body’s ability to detoxify. As a result, toxins accumulate in the liver, red blood cells, neurons (including the brain!), and adipose (fat) tissue.

Symptoms and disorders that have been associated with toxicity include: 
  • Mood disorders (depression, anxiety)
  • Cognitive dysfunction (memory loss, poor concentration)
  • Hormonal problems (PMS, thyroid, diabetes)
  • Autoimmune disorders (RA, MS, asthma)
  • Fibromyalgia , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  • Weight gain (patients with altered body composition who are resistant to weight loss even with diet and exercise)

Because toxins are commonly accumulated in adipose cells (fat tissue), many individuals have a hard time losing weight (even with diet and exercise) because the body uses fat tissue as safe depot for storing toxins. The analogy is if you have more trash to dispose of you need to get a bigger trash can! In essence, fat tissue can become the bigger trash (making it very difficult to lose weight). 

Because the association between toxins and weight gain has gained much attention in the media the past few years, the health industry is exploding with products that claim to “detoxify” and promote weight loss. Buyers beware!! Improper detoxification can be hazardous. Some programs promote an imbalanced detoxification process. As a consequence, the misinformed consumer can become sick (or sicker). In addition these programs can result in weight loss by promoting dehydration or even worse, muscle loss! 

Safe and effective detoxification is possible!! If you would like to learn more about how you can jump start your weight loss with a doctor-supervised metabolic detoxification program call Dr. Bahl at 
(909) 396-9100. In just 10 days you can be on your way to looking and feeling great!