Bioidentical Hormones: Keeping your vitality alive at 50 and beyond!
by Dr. Bahl

Bottle of Bioidentical Hormones
Aging may be inevitable. How we age and how fast we age is not! There are several health and lifestyle factors that affect the aging process.
It is possible to stay strong, healthy, cognitively alert and vital well into later years. Hormonal balance plays an essential role. Tragically, due to today’s stressful lifestyles, toxic overload, and/or a nutritionally deficient diet, individuals suffer from a hormonal imbalance as young as early 30’s! The consequences are disastrous (from poor health to early death).

Our bodies contain many hormones, which are not only intricately related to each other, but also must be maintained at a fine balance. Like a symphony, when it is fine-tuned the results are beautiful. When it lacks synchronicity even the smallest imbalance can wreak havoc. It is important to understand that hormones regulate our body’s balance. They affect heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, sleep, wakefulness, memory and brain function, bone density, muscle tone, fertility, virility and libido, immune function, metabolism and even mood! From this list, it is clear to see that it is impossible to enjoy optimal health without hormonal balance.

European doctors have been savvy to the use of bioidentical hormones for the last 50 years. They have understood the need to replace not only the sex hormones we lose in the aging process, but also other major hormones (such as thyroid and adrenal). Each individual must first be assessed to uncover the imbalance, and then periodically reassessed to insure balance is maintained.

When hormones are maintained at optimal levels, our body regains health, becomes more efficient, resilient,
flexible and strong! You can have your hormones checked by a simple blood or saliva test. Most health insurance
companies now pay for this! Your functional medicine health care practitioner can help you achieve balance with
natural bioidentical hormones. Open yourself to this new BREAKTHROUGH medicine and give yourself the gift of
a long and vital life.

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