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Very respectful, knowledgeable, responsive to all my situations. Very compassionate.

Vicki P.


Very good. Very Personable.

Sylvia V.


Excellent, informative and lifesaving!

Victoria M.



Kimberley S.


I love my visits to Dr. Bahl. They are in a great, small and cozy setting, which makes it feel very comfortable. Dr. Bahl is always thorough and caring in her practice. I feel like my whole body is being treated.

Nathan N.



Nancy T.


Friendly and to the point. The consultation went well.

Linda Y.


Amazing treatment! Great facts from Dr. Bahl.

James Spanish


I've been seeing Dr. Bahl since April 2014, or thereabouts. She is an AMAZING doctor.

Gloria B.


Dr. Bahl is extremely knowledgeable and very professional, but at the same time, she is personable. She has the exact blend of credentials that everyone should be searching for with the toxic chemicals and pollutants our bodies have been exposed to in our food system and air.

Donna C.


I like Dr Bahl because she is knowledgeable as well as a caring listener.

When sharing symptoms and labs, she showed herself very intelligent & sharp in the body's hormonal systems. She would prescribe labs and tests that other doctors where not as educated in. She would also explain hormonal systems very well. She was sharp and also not forgetful.

Most doctors are too rushed and don't spend time listening. I'm thankful for Dr Bahl because she would take the time to listen carefully to symptoms and also do follow up calls when needed. I felt that she cared that my health improves.

Angeline P


I have only wonderful things to say about Dr Bahl and her office. I'm 52 years old and knew I had a low thyroid function and hormonal issues. Dr Bahl is the only Dr who knew exactly what to look for and got right on it with very thorough blood work. She spent time going over everything with me and I was diagnose with hashimoto's disease, a thyroid condition that seems to be kind of common but I believe under diagnosed. My thyroid and all my hormones are balanced now and I feel so good and more energetic. She was able to help me lose weight that just would not come off my body!! Dr Bahl is very personable and easy to talk to and she really cares. Go see her and start getting your issues addressed:)+

Cheryl Huber


Relief and Hope! My friend and I came to see Dr. Bahl for relief from Mid-life. At 50 we found ourselves at wit's end as to how to lose weight and feel better. After evaluation we both found ourselves lacking hormone balance and we jumped into the HCG weight loss program. We found the success we were hoping for with Dr. Bahl's guidance. We lost 50 pounds between the 2 of us and we are feeling great. Thank you so much Dr. Bahl! She really gets it.

Bonnie Langner


Dr. Bahl got to the root of my problem. I am ready to receive my natural replacement hormone supplements. She listens to her patients and is on the cutting edge of testing. I am so glad I found her! I really like that she is a MD. & a natural doctor. I highly recommend her.

Sherrie Conley


Dr. Bahl is very professional and knowledgeable. I had seen other doctors before her and she is the only doctor that was able to diagnose me and prescribe me the medication that has greatly improved my well being as well as my life. I am truly blessed to have met her and have her as my doctor.

Jasmine McCory


For years I have been reading and learning how important nutrition and physical activity is to overall health. Armed with that knowledge, I have avoided the debilitating diseases prevalent in my family and the dangerous medications often prescribed.

The more I learned about my own ability and responsibility to maintain good health, the more I resisted seeing typical medical doctors who focus on diagnosis and medications. However, I did sense the need for a natural healthcare partner for hormonal and general health support. I researched my healthcare insurance carrier physician network hoping to find a physician who practices Functional Medicine which focuses on wellness support for all systems as opposed to sick care. I was so excited when I found Dr. Bahl in my carrier's physician network. Although my home is 38 miles from her office, I gladly drive to Diamond Bar for her care.

With Dr. Bahl's comprehensive examinations, consultations, and supplemental recommendations, I am feeling much more hormonally balanced, thoroughly informed, and completely supported in my healthcare. I recommend her highly.

G. Davis
San Bernardino, Ca


I am very glad to have found Dr. Bahl and am also fortunate to discover her office is so close to my home. Over the past several years I have been doing constant research to find out why I have suddenly developed difficulties including getting extra weight off which had been encroaching upon me without any regard to how hard I tried to take care of myself. The added weight eventually contributed to my higher cholesterol, blood sugar levels, hot flashes and pain in my knees. I had already known for years to stay away from hydrogenated products but that alone wasn't enough and those hidden chemicals found in food and topical products, especially from your typical grocery store were also contributing to this dilemma. My constant research efforts which led to my even more improved eating helped some but not nearly enough, I needed something else, I needed to go beyond myself and to a doctor who had similar beliefs as mine to help me. I found this in Dr. Bahl she listened to me and helped me to lose that extra weight that would not budge, which I believe was from both my hormone issues and my body needing to get rid of years of trapped toxins.
With Dr. Bahl's help by instructing me, prescribing HCG, and my finally losing that weight, I was able to get good blood levels, much less hot flashes and eradicate the encroaching knee pain which I previously noticed especially upon walking up hills. The pain now stays away without the added weight, which in turn has made it so easy to walk up those hills, this has helped both my mood and keeps weight off. I now have a renewed energy and perspective.
I find Dr. Bahl to have really good technique, be very gentle, caring, helpful and open to learn new technology and approaches, which she uses to help her patients physically, aesthetically and mentally.
Using myself as an example I can both see and feel there is definitely something real to there being a mind and body connection in keeping us happy and healthy!

Linda H. Diamond Bar, CA


I am now 62 years old and thanks to Dr Bahl I feel better than I have in years. I no longer need blood pressure medication, I fall asleep quickly and sleep throughout the night without sleep aids, and have the energy to do whatever I want to every day!!! Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy has changed the way I feel and look.

Buddy A. El Monte, Ca


I've been seeing Dr. Bahl for almost a year now. At 48 years old I was concerned with the way I felt & looked, and wanted a better way than just another prescription added to my daily routine. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, was overweight, low energy and just didn't feel good. With Dr. Bahl's help I lost 35 lbs., lowered my cholesterol and decreased my blood pressure to better than it's ever been. I even gave up sugar with my coffee, something I thought would never happen. (switched to Stevia)
If you're concerned about the way you feel or look I highly recommend Dr. Bahl's approach. She can guide you to a better way of health like she did me

Thank you Dr. Bahl!!

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